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Future proof your business with GDPR Digital Document Management

• Are you drowning in the passing of paper, cross referencing, misfiling and constantly searching?
• Are you looking to go paperless while reducing your carbon footprint?
• Are you GDPR ready? – (General Data Protection Regulation – May 2018)

Let BizEdocs mirror your existing processes digitally while giving efficiencies through smart technologies offering your company improved security, wider accessibility, with Workflow and version control for more accountability.]
Data Capture, Import, Intelligent indexing, File, Workflow, Search, Retrieve, Edit, Version control and share your documents including emails.
Accurate, instant visibility at organisational level, departmental, cross reference, version control, streamlined and policed workflows, synchronicity in project management, both on site and remotely – all whilst working within your existing systems.

Secure – Smart – Simple

Looking for advice on GDPR?
Check of this post on the Docuware Blog.

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