Main Application Areas

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    Main Application Areas

    Solutions for Specific Applications

    Filing Email

    Filing Email E-mail has become a core communication medium in the business world and is well on its way to replacing letters and faxes. No wonder then, that finding the ultimate professional and systematic filing method for handling electronic correspondence has become so important.

    Records Management

    DocuWare has security mechanisms for internal control and meeting audit requirements protecting documents from importation through long-term archiving on read-only media and storage Systems.

    DocuWare for Project Teams

    DocuWare stores all of your documents in one central document pool. Employees can access materials around the clock, from anywhere in the world in seconds, no matter the data source or file format. Document changes and collaboration of all team members are immediately visible. Projects can be executed efficiently on or below budget.

    Workflow with DocuWare

    Document workflow solutions from DocuWare improve a company’s organization: work processes speed up, mistakes and multiple data entries are avoided. Employees in a process chain can use electronic workflow to access all the documents they need. Workflows are easy to set up using the document management program’s stamp feature

    Remote locations and mobile users

    One of the important benefits of electronic document management is being able to access documents online regardless of location. The DocuWare program can access file cabinets and documents in the central document pool over the Internet from anywhere in the world and with full functionality.