About Us

Are you drowning in the movement of paper, misfilling and constantly searching?

BizEdocs is providing document handling solutions to save your team the time they spend handling all the paperwork and boost their productivity. BizEdocs is a Docuware gold partner

What we do?

BizEdocs is an Irish company with a full team of service engineers and support. You can also be assured your document bank is securely stored here is Dublin on the Microsoft Azure platform. Based in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, The team services clients nationwide and within multiple sectors.

Our mission & vision

To provide our clients with hassle free and secure document handling solutions. Document management solutions are not just for big companies, multinationals or organizations, SME’s can benefit too.

Who we are?

BizEdocs provides GDPR ready document management software that will revolutionise your workflow processes, saving time, labour, and therefore optimise efficiencies so you can achieve best use of resources with smart technology.

Our founder

The founding partner is Roger Laird, an expert in business development for over 30 years cross sector in FMCG, manufacturing, corporate credit management and IT software.

Early Formative Years

We help start-up both small to medium sized businesses to future proof their business from the outset to digitise their business in all departments from Sales, Manufacturing, service provision, logistics and accounts so as they grow, they can manage that expansion with no additional resources.

The Growth Trajectory

We help to transform the world’s most important Businesses and help them adapt from this rapidly disruptive and unpredictable world into an agile, effective and efficient business. This is achieved by the use of smart technologies which saves both time and money while empowering employees to move away from the mundane day to day tasks onto far more meaningful activities.

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