For Any Sized Business

Why Digital Documents 

Information can be processed in many ways. From paper documents to emails and other electronic files, this information usually finds its way into filing cabinets, shared network drives or email accounts.

For many employees, it can be a struggle to stay on top of daily workloads. Being inundated with information and hampered by inefficient, paper based business processes often leads to frustration and lowers productivity levels.

It’s no surprise then, that forward thinking organisations are seeking out paperless office solutions to eliminate manual processes and repetitive tasks. When properly implemented and configured, document management software allows employees to quickly store and retrieve the documents they need, at the click of a mouse.

And the result? A fluid and efficient workflow process. And a significant increase in productivity.

Organise your files 

Store and organise any type of document, including electronic files and e-mail. Invoices, statements, customer orders, price information, product specifications, delivery notes, quotes, item descriptions and all other company documentation is stored in one common document pool. Documents are available quickly and easily, at any time and from any location. Invoice approval is simpler and quicker, and data quality is improved.

Find Documents – Anytime, Worldwide

A Windows based Client Server application which can be accessed with a Desktop Windows Client or through a browser using the Web Client. All authorised employees, whether in marketing, sales, production, or administration, can immediately access documentation from any location where they have an internet connection. DocuWare is Secure and configured to provide complete protection from unauthorised entry.

Reduce time and cost and increase efficiency

An Integrated Document Management system that stores company information in compliance with legal requirements in a central document pool. Allowing organisations to automate business processes, DocuWare reduces time, cost and increases efficiency. With document imaging, content management and workflow solutions, your business processes are optimised and your capacity to compete is enhanced.